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Fiance of a U.S. Citizen (K1 Visa)

If your
fiancé is not a citizen of the United States and you plan to get married in the United States, then you must file a petition with USCIS on behalf of your fiancé.  You must also have met with your fiancé in person within the last two years before filing for the K1 visa.  This requirement can be waived only if meeting your fiancé in person would violate long established customs, or if meeting your fiancé would create extreme hardship for you.

After the petition is approved, your
fiancé must obtain a visa issued at a U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad.  The marriage must take place within 90 days of your fiancé's entrance the United States.  If the marriage does not take place within 90 days or your fiancé marries someone other than you, your fiancé will be required to leave the U.S. Until the marriage takes place, your fiancé is considered a nonimmigrant.  A fiancé may not obtain an extension of the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.

After your marriage, your new spouse may file an I130 petition.  Once the petition is approved, he or she may file for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident.  Your new spouse will be granted conditional permanent residency.  Within 90 days of the two year anniversary of the grant of conditional residency, you and your spouse must petition to remove the conditions.

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