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Attorney Sentenced in Labor Certification Fraud Case

A federal district court judge in Virginia has sentenced
Samuel G. Kooritzky to 10 years imprisonment based on a jury conviction for conspiracy, labor certification fraud, making false statements, immigration fraud and money laundering.  Mr. Kooritzky was also ordered to pay restitution and forfeit $2.3 million in unlawful proceeds to the U.S.  This conviction is the fourth involving a multi-agency investigation into labor certification fraud.  The other three convictions involved individuals who assisted Mr. Kooritzky in preparing fraudulent applications.

The case involved allegations that Mr. Kooritzky filed
fraudulent labor certification applications with the U.S. Department of Labor.  Mr. Kooritzky allegedly forged the signature of managers of businesses listed on the labor certifications as companies wishing to hire foreign workers.  Although the companies on the labor certifications had not authorized the applications, Mr. Kooritzky allegedly presented the applications as legitimate to the beneficiary immigrants who in turn paid from $7,000 to $20,000.

The investigation uncovered over 2,700 fraudulent applications filed within 18 months.  Mr.
Kooritzky was convicted on December 11, 2002 of 57 felony violations, one count of conspiracy, 15 counts of labor certification fraud, 20 counts of making false statements, 20 counts of immigration fraud, and one count of money laundering.
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