Changes Made in Third Country National Visa Processing in Mexico

Third Country Nationals (“TCN”s) visa processing is an option that many nonimmigrants use at different consular posts, often as a convenience to avoid returning to their home country to apply for a visa stamp.  Generally, consular posts are required to consider visa applications of the nationals residing in the country where the post is located.  Often, as a policy matter, consular posts permit nationals of other countries (TCNs) to submit their visa applications.

The U.S. consular posts in Mexico have recently changed their requirements for TCN visa processing.  TCNs who are residing in the United States may apply for a visa at any of the consular posts in Mexico by making an interview appointment through an online system or by telephone.  However, there are limitations on the types of nonimmigrant visa applications the consular post will consider.  For example, applicants are not permitted to renew their B1/B2 visas, and applicants who wish to apply for a visa based on a USCIS approved change of status may not apply.

Applicants must also be aware that additional administrative processing may delay visa delivery by weeks.  Consequently, the TCN would need to understand that he or she may not return to the U.S. immediately.  The U.S. Consulate General at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has provided detailed information on the revised policy on its
web site.
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