E Visas
Investors can enter the U.S. as a Treaty Treaty Trader / Investor (E1 and E2). A third E category is available for Treaty Alien in a Specialty Occupation (E3)

H-1B Visa
Specialty occupation workers can apply for the H-1B visa.

L Visa
Companies wishing to transfer managerial and specialized knowledge workers from overseas offices can use this visa option.

O Visa
Individuals with "Extraordinary Ability" and their support may apply for this visa.

P Visas
Athletes, Artists and Entertainers wishing to come to the U.S. to perform or compete will need a P visa.

Workers who fall within a prescribed list of professions may work in the U.S. as a NAFTA Professional.

I-140 Petitions
Employment Based Immigrant Petitions, including Extraordinary and Exceptional Ability Aliens (EB1 and EB2), Multi-National Managers and Executives (EB1), Skilled Workers (EB3)

R-1 Visa
Religious Workers, such as pastors, may pursue their calling in the U.S. with the R-1 visa.


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Labor Certification
PERM Applications are required for employers wishing to sponsor skilled workers and workers with advanced degrees.

"Green Card" Application
A person can obtain a green card by being sponsored by an employer or a family member, including by marriage.

Waiver of Inadmissibility
Those who are denied a visa, whether a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa, may be eligible to apply for a waiver.

K Visas
Fiancees and Spouse of U.S. Citizen (K1 and K3) may apply for this nonimmigrant visa to enter the U.S.

I-130 Petitions
A U.S. Citizen (or in some cases, a lawful permanent resident) may sponsor a family member as a first step to applying for a green card.

Lawful permanent residents wishing to become U.S. Citizens may apply for naturalization after meeting certain eligibility requirements.

F1 Visa
Foreign students may apply for a visa if they have been accepted to attend a U.S. school or university.

I-9 Compliance
We provide advice and counseling for employers with I-9 compliance issues.